How to Fix WOW51900319 Server Error in World of Warcraft

Fix WOW51900319 Disconnected Server Error in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a popular game among gamers around the globe. The latest chapter, Shadowlands, came after a long wait. With millions of fans anticipating the game chapter, there was a spike in the number of players and bugs. The bugs led to login issues, disconnecting in the middle of the game, missing characters, slow loading, and so on. People have been frequently getting error codes such as WOW51900319. Let’s explain more about it and see how you can fix the WOW51900319 issue.

What is WOW51900319?

The Blizzard Support defines WOW51900319 as an error depicting server disconnection or internet troubles. Thus, a message saying, “You have been disconnected from the server (WOW51900319),” will pop up. The error has been prominent ever since the release of WoW Legion. Of course, some also blame the tightened network latency, which is why server connection fails.

Cause of WOW51900319 error

While some players are logged out of the game, the error WOW51900319 also shows up as:

‘WOW51900319 may occur when you move’ or ‘WOW51900319 on one character’, thus interrupting a good game experience. The latter disrupts a character’s appearance thus, giving rise to ‘character not found’ alert.

The Blizzard Customer Service infers the reason behind such message popup because of too many players. The surge seems to challenge the server strength and does not recover until the network is stable or until the matter is solved from their end.

How to prevent WOW51900319 error on login?

Too many players trying to login will cause a traffic disturbance in the server leading to errors such as WOW51900319. In order to prevent such an annoying interruption, you can always try logging in after a while or when the network is relatively stronger so that the server is strong enough to not get disconnected in the middle of your move.

Fix error code WOW51900319 in Shadowlands and Ardenweald of World of Warcraft

1. Fix the network

As discussed before, it could be weak network latency causing such troubleshooting issues. In order to fix the situation, you can do the following.

2. Change background

This method has proved helpful, as claimed by some of the bloggers. You can try this fix and see if the error no more shows up.

3. Lower the FPS

Developers also claim that the WOW51900319 bug pops up also because of increased graphics over a single frame. With the issue in mind, we can lower the foreground in WoW.

You will have to follow similar steps as above.

4. Log out of

The simplest and quickest fix to resolve the WOW51900319 error is to log out of your account. The error could be because of the server lag. Logging in after logging out may help getting rid of the WOW51900319 bug.

5. Change the VPN

Since server lag is a major issue in the WOW51900319 message popup in the middle of the Warcraft game, you can try changing the VPN to some other region. This allows you to change your location and, therefore, switch to some other server. There is a good chance for the newly loaded server to respond to your command promptly.

6. Reinstall the game

This is one of the common fixes when you face a troubleshooting situation. What you have to do is-

7. Using Ethernet

As discussed before, the major cause behind the ‘You have been disconnected from the server WOW51900319’ error message popping up is the lack of network latency. Usually, gamers rely on high-speed Ethernet connection instead of WiFi or LTE networks which are not ideal for gaming. Ethernet with fiber optic cable with almost the same bandwidth and speed is stable, fluctuates less, and therefore, offers more network latency. It could be a great fix to resolve the WOW51900319 error.

Steps to resolve the WOW51900319 issue (suggested by online forums)

Trusted online forums recommends these steps to get rid of WOW51900319 and similar issues:

☞ Reset the UI:

☞ Reset Routers, routers, modems, and any other network device to prevent them from malfunctioning.

☞ Update the drivers to remove compatibility issues.

☞ Renew IPs and Flush DNS to avoid network traffic.

☞ Ensure that all the other applications are closed to see if there is a RAM clogging up or software issue.

☞ Disable VPN Services if you are using any.

☞ Check your graphics card and network card driver settings to see if they are up to date.

☞ Run a complete scan of the entire system to check for any malware.

☞ After that, please note to block or shut down the antivirus application and see if the error is still there. Often the antivirus application is responsible for securing or disallowing data flow.

☞ Lastly, update the firmware with the help of your router or modem.


We offered you as many genuine methods as possible to resolve the WOW51900319 error. We hope the fixes work for you and get you relieved from the annoying WOW51900319 message popup soon. Have any questions? Please use the comment box below.

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