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As a result of long working hours from home owing to lockdown and quarantine, a lot of people have been facing issues with malware, adware, and other malicious viruses that have been harming their computers. We have all been using our home networks for work, rather than our usual safe office network. This has subjected out official devices to harmful software as well. One such adware that has been creating quite the buzz is Zvideo-live(dot)com.

This article will provide an in-length view on this malicious adware, its harmful effects, and how to identify if any PC has been affected by it. Subsequently, it will also explain how to remove Zvideos ads so that the user doesn’t have to go searching anymore. Before moving on to Zvideos, here is a quick brief about what adware is and how they work!

Adware uses the cheapest trick in the book to get you to click on advertisements that are on pay-per-click or pay-per-view by using various tricks. More clicks, more money. They usually manifest as pop-up ads while you are browsing for something. These pop-ups are infected with harmful malware most of the time.

What is

Zvideos is a rogue website that contains dubious and questionable content. Let’s take an example to understand it better. You had a long day at work and now you want to watch a relatively new movie. However, this movie is not available on your subscribed OTT and you had to go to a free website. These websites are full of harmful software and while clicking on the video you get a pop-up to allow notification, else your video won’t play. Now if by any chance you click on allow, Zvideos will get permission to access your PC. 

The above was just an example. Adware can end up in your computers in a number of ways. From a program that you find useful to a browser extension or a cracked version of popular software that otherwise has a paid service. At times we do not filter or uncheck the boxes while installing a program and inadvertently end up downloading adware as well. This is also known as “bundling”. While installing them, we mostly do not read terms and conditions which often state that the program will generate ads and might even change your browser settings. This can infect your device with adware from adult sites because such sites are rigged with malware, adware, scareware, and even ransomware. 

In layman’s terms, adware such as Zvideos will try to change the browser setting of your PC or maybe phone so that it can send ads directly to the device, kind of like push notification.

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Is popup virus dangerous?

To be honest, the adware may not harm your PC directly at the beginning. You will get annoying pop-up ads and intrusive materials that can affect your work. Therefore, getting exposed to Zvideos might not mean your PC is at risk. Additionally, since this potentially unwanted software keeps running in the background, it can drain the battery easily. However, if you end up clicking on these ads and they turn out to be harmful, that is a different story altogether. You will end up visiting unwanted sites. In other cases, you may get exposed to harmful programs such as installed: spyware, ransomware encryptors, and so on. How does this happen? While opening up the scope for unwanted ads, the adware also opens the door to other intruding software. (Stranger Things fans will understand what I am talking about!). 

Over time, this site or adware in general, will keep a track of your browsing history (likes and dislikes), personal information (IP address, location, banking details, and other sensitive data) and share/ sell them to other third parties, which are potentially criminal sites responsible for hacking, unwanted sales calls and too good to be true offers via email and so on. Therefore, this is not just jeopardizing your user experience but also threatening your privacy, but can also expose you to severe financial loss or identity theft. This is where it gets serious. 

How does Zvideos virus work?

Once Zvideos gets access to your device, it will first check your IP (Internet Protocol) address to determine your geolocation. This sets the path for the site’s future plan of action for your device. In the light of this new find information, the site will decide whether to redirect you to some other site or expose you to questionable content.

You may experience intrusive advertisements that may seem legitimate at the moment but will redirect you to unreliable and virus-prone sites such as gambling, adult dating, pornography, and many others. Therefore, we need to know how to Uninstall 

How to keep your PC safe from Zvideo-live ads?

It is always advisable to research the software you are going to download and at least try to go through the terms and conditions as much as you could. I know it is tedious, but it is what will keep your device safe from threats. It is also important to download apps from official websites.

Untrustworthy sources often offer bundled services. While downloading, go to “custom” or “advanced” settings and uncheck all the extra unwanted tools, apps, and features. Should you still experience impromptu ads or redirects, you need to immediately inspect the device carefully and eliminate all suspected applications and browser extensions. Below we will discuss how to remove Zvideos ads from your PC. 

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How to get rid of ads, popups, and redirect

There is some excellent anti-malware you can use to delete Zvideo popups or other harmful applications from your PC. You may use Avast or Malwarebytes for Windows PC. However, you need to ensure that the one you are using is strong enough to eliminate all the threats to your device.

Post download and installation, you will need to run a standard scan of the device. The entire process may take some time. Once the scan is complete, it will display all the viruses it has detected during the process and you may choose the action you want with all of them. We suggest you follow the default action for all Zvideos-live files and delete them permanently.

Once the above steps are complete you must reset your default browser to its initial Setting. This is important because might have altered the browser setting. Even after deletion, they can re-enter your PC if you are exposed to the same again.

Ways to delete ads and popups from your web browsers:

1. Reset Microsoft Edge to remove ads

2. Reset Mozilla Firefox to delete popup virus

3. Reset Google Chrome to remove ads

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Most of us have been through his ordeal and there is no reason to hold ourselves responsible. What you need to do is to be vigilant and keep an eye open for unwanted push notifications that you might receive directly on your desktops. If detected, follow the above steps to eliminate the threat immediately.

You can also use a VPN for safe browsing and avoid unwanted spyware. This will make it difficult for the malware to detect your geolocation. Your one smart move can save you from falling into the hands of greedy people, who are always ready to take advantage of your vulnerability.

Another piece of friendly advice is always creating a proper backup in case you lose files from any unforeseen cyber attack. This will save you from the agony of data loss. Browse safe and stay secure.

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