What Is QtWebEngineProcess EXE? Should I Delete It?

What is QtWebEngineProcess EXE Should I Delete It

We have been coming across many forums where people have been asking about QtWebEngineProcess.exe. They have been trying to understand what it is and should they remove it? So, we are here to take you through this issue. In this article, we will tell you what is QtWebEngineProcess and whether you should remove it or not.

What is QtWebEngineProcess EXE?

QtWebEngineProcess is a legitimate executable file for Windows programs. It was developed as a component of Qt WebEngine software that was used to embed web content in the programs developed using Qt. You will find QtWebEngineProcess.exe in your C:\Program Files subfolder. Although Qt-based applications are present in all computers, it is not crucial for the functioning of your OS. But, programs like Origin, Dropbox, Bitlord, Qt WebEngine based on Chromium, etc. uses it.

QtWebEngineProcess EXE in Task Manager

QtWebEngineProcess.exe is known as Origin or Ring Central in Windows and Bitlord or PlaysTv in other systems. And as we have mentioned above, it is not a necessary file for your system, you can delete it if it is causing any issues. QtWebEngineProcess can most likely come into your PC through the Chromium browser. If you have downloaded a Chromium-Based browser from the internet thinking it will be more secure and speedy providing you with a better browsing experience, you might have downloaded this executable program as well. 

Or, it could also accompany a third-party program to advertise the Chromium browser via the installer. You can easily miss the installation prompt of such Chromium browsers since they are usually hidden in the “Custom” or  “Advanced” options of installation.   

Why could QtWebEngineProcess.exe turn problematic?

QtWebEngineProcess doesn’t contain a digital signature and that makes it easy to be duplicated by malware. Sometimes corrupt or malicious files might assume the name of this executable file and cause trouble. That’s why it is important to run an antivirus scan in cases where it makes your OS glitch or crashing it. 

In a nutshell, complex malware can disguise itself well under the name of this file and infect the system. If this happens, just deleting the file manually will not suffice. You will have to do a comprehensive system scan. Other than that, here are some tricks to deal with the issues QtWebEngineProcess.exe is causing. 

How to stop QtWebEngineProcess?

Whenever you use an application, or it runs in the background, it uses the memory of your device. This can cause your system to lag or there could be a really annoying unexpected latency. So, if this program is making your system frustratingly slow, you will need to stop it from running. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Uninstall QtWebEngineProcess

If you can’t find it in C drive;

2. Prevent data execution

If you are not sure if you should uninstall QtWebEngineProcess.exe or not, go for preventing data execution. It will reduce the chances of error. Here’s how you can do that;

3. End the QtWebEngineProcess using Task Manager

If you just want QtWebEngineProcess.exe to stop running, you can end the program from the Task Manager.


What if the above methods don’t work?

Usually, they do. But in case you are unable to stop QtWebEngineProcess.exe with those simpler methods, here are some advanced ways to get rid of the program.

For Windows Users

1. The first way to boot your system in Safe Mode

Tip: Remember to reverse these changes by unticking Safe Boot later or your system will always start in safe mode from now on.

2. Find and remove the program and related files.

3. Clean the registries created by QtWebEngineProcess.exe. The usually targeted registries are:

Open the Windows registry editor to access any of them and deleting those created by the QtWebEngineProcess. Here’s how you can do it.

When you are done, don’t forget to scan your PC for Virus and Malware

For macOS X Users

1. Uninstall QtWebEngineProcess.exe and related files.


Here, look for any suspicious app in the list of apps that start automatically when you log in, something similar to QtWebEngineProcess.exe.

Additional steps to get rid of QtWebEngineProcess.exe:

1. Remove unwanted extensions from Google Chrome

2. Delete suspicious Ad-ons from Mozilla Firefox

3. Get rid of unwanted extensions from Microsoft Edge

4. Uninstall dubious extensions from Safari

Is QtWebEngineProcess a Virus?

If you are not able to remove this program, chances are, it is a virus. In such cases try using Windows Defender, DISM, or other antivirus software.

1. Using Windows Defender

Defender is your best defense against viruses and malware in Windows. So, use it.

2. Using DISM

DISM or Deployment Image Servicing and Management repairs the Operating System, thus getting rid of issues like the QtWebEngineProcess.exe virus.



Usually, QtWebEngineProcess.exe doesn’t cause any problem, but if it does, you can use the above methods to fix the problem. And make sure you run the antivirus once every 15 days to make sure your system is safe from viruses and Malware. Make sure that when you are downloading anything, use authentic sites instead of free unsafe sites and you will not have any problem like that. Prevention is always better than cure.

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