How to Get Rid of Soap2Day Virus? Is It Illegal?

Get rid of Soap2Day virus

With the vehement increase in cyber activity by the users, it is obvious that cybercriminals are trying their best to compromise all our security and confidentiality. While it is not possible to stop them from creating and releasing new threats every day, we can at least try to be safe by following certain cyber hygiene. We often tend to go to sites for free movies and series, rather than subscribing to OTT platforms. This is where viruses like Soap2Day come into action. In this article, you will learn how you can remove Soap2Day from your PC and browsers. But first, let’s understand important things.

What is a Soap2Day virus?

Soap2Day(dot)to is a notorious, malware-infested website that will allow the streaming of movies and TV series for free of cost. Please note that it is illegal. However, it is not free if it is harming your cyber security. You are paying them by putting your cyber security at risk. Imagine you are getting a free video streaming service without even having to sign up or log in! If this does not make you raise an eyebrow, nothing will. The site was launched in 2018 by unknown creators. It currently has more than millions of registered users. The number has multiplied immensely during the pandemic as a result the makers launched 3 new domains for the people depending on their geolocation. (.se, .is, .im)

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Why is Soap2Day harmful? Is Soap2Day illegal?

Let us explain the catch in this too good to be a true phenomenon. Firstly, streaming any movie or daily soap for free, is illegal due to copyright issues. Even if we put that away for a while, Soap2Day can severely harm your computer. How do these sites make a profit? It all comes down to ads.

Now, an occasional advertisement interrupting your streaming service is not new and we are mostly accustomed to that. But that is not all. The entire pop-ups are hyperlinked to another possibly malicious website. If you click anywhere beyond the very small close button while trying to get rid of the ads, you risk opening a site that is highly infected with malware.

Soap2day complaints

You may see any of the following fake warnings on your PC:

1. The computer has been blocked scam

Sometimes it will display a tech support scam page that will say the computer has been blocked. If an unsuspecting person ends up falling for these sites, they may end up giving access to their PC to scammers and cybercriminals. These people will usually ask for a fee to remove malware that is not even on your computer. If you see any such pop-ups, try to close them by clicking on the X sign. If that does not work, open task manager and completely close down the browser that you are using.

In other situations, you may also end up downloading malware onto your device that could compromise sensitive information on your computer. They may steal your personal information, bank details and you may even fall prey to identity theft.

The site also openly displays inappropriate content like pornography, erotic games, gambling ads, etc, all of which are unsuitable for younger audiences. Even the slightest mistake while clicking can lead the users to such websites. Your antivirus will not stop you from visiting the site as it is technically a website and not software.

2. Calendar Virus

One of the newest tricks used by the creators is the calendar virus. If you are visiting this site from your iPhones, you run at a risk of downloading the said virus. You will receive a banner with a calendar app subscription. If you accidentally click on it, it will completely hijack the calendar app. Your calendar will be filled with fake events and links and it will trick you to click on them. There is no known way to get rid of the calendar virus. If you end up downloading it, you will have to do a factory reset to get rid of the same.

3. Search Marquis

You may come across this browser hijacker from Soap2Day. These hijackers are mainly on the lookout for Mac PCs. If installed it can take control over most of your browsers Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc. It is capable of replacing the start page, search engine, new tab, permissions, and other browser settings. The user will eventually start receiving sponsored links, unwanted and intrusive ads, and other dangerous content.

How to get rid of Soap2Day virus from different browsers

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As discussed earlier, Soap2Day may or may not be identified as a threat by your AV since it is a website. But if the site has managed to download any malware, adware, spyware, or other malicious programs on your device, that can be identified. Ensure to run your AV regularly. Please stay away from free streaming sites as nothing can be completely free. The only way we can be safe is by maintaining cyber hygiene.

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